Save Your Kitchen with Traulsen and Hobart


Hit the Jackpot with Traulsen and Hobart!

Traulsen and Hobart make a winning hand in any kitchen, and these two blue chip brands want you to take home the prize, for free. With dozens of prizes up for grabs, the deck is stacked in your favor – so go all-in and play!

Don’t gamble with unreliable or high maintenance equipment. SAVE YOUR KITCHEN by making the safe bet for your students – with Traulsen and Hobart equipment.

Traulsen Lunch Line:

No bluffing, the Traulsen Lunch Line is sure to put you and your kitchen staff at ease. When the chips are down, this line of Traulsen equipment provides premium performance at a reasonable price. Upping the ante with ease-of-maintenance built into the design, the Traulsen Lunch Line truly is all aces at keeping your food - and your students - safe.

Hobart Products:

Whether you’re using a slicer, stand mixer, or dishwasher, having a Hobart in the kitchen is like having an ace in your hand. These units are efficient and ultra-durable. No job is too big and no stake too high. Hobart is in it to win it – with you.

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